Worth Repeating
Heard on and off the podium: On repeat exams: "There needs to be...a penalty to duplicate expensive imaging. [We must] do the right study the first time.” —William Keyes, MD, Inland Imaging, Spokane Washington On the need for distinguishing the archive from the software that manages the archive: “We talk about the image archive and the management as one thing. IHE has failed on that, separating the management part from the archive. That’s something that IHE hasn’t addressed.” —David A. Clunie On importance of IT to the private practice: “Our president said if he had to choose between IT and a CT scanner he would put it into IT…There is a need for OIC (outpatient imaging centers) to be ready for what is coming and at Jefferson we believe that will happen through IT.” —Arne Meis BS, Jefferson Radiology. On the real world (after Lawrence Tarbox, PhD, itemized the list of high technology reserved exclusively for research at Washington University School of Medicine) “I can’t get a PC.” —Unknown private practice radiologist On system users: "If you could just remove all of the end users from all of the applications of the database, the system would work perfectly." —Charles Socia