The cloud's behind
Behind every good cloud lies a reliable data center, so with all of the action in the cloud at this year's RSNA, it stands to reason that there would be data center announcements. Agfa's Miriam Ladin reports that Agfa has repurposed its IMPAX Data Center into a solution called the Imaging Clinical Information System based on the following four pillars: capturing the information; storing the information; exchanging the information within the organization; and providing image access to customers outside the organization via ZERO, a zero-download technology platform that provides the cloud solution. McKesson announced the deployment of its Horizon Medical Imaging PACS across Ireland, featuring the company's Enterprise Data Repository System, a rules-based enterprise data management solution. "Things are not as simple as on a departmental solution," notes George Kovacs, McKesson. "It necessitates a single logical layer of integration, a single method of access. No one wants to know what little disk the image is spinning on."