Embattled and Inspired
Your week has probably been a lot like mine, spent checking online news in between handling regular work for updates on how the Supreme Court looks to land on the question of health care reform’s individual mandate. The implications of this ruling from the nation’s highest court could be far-reaching, changing, yet again, the discussion on how health care will be delivered in the future. Yet even as we await word on what’s next for the health care system in general, radiology continues to feel the impact of reform in other areas. The proposed regulations for Stage 2 of the meaningful use program finally include provisions aimed at imaging, and achieving greater patient centricity, both as a business strategy and as a means of preparing for potential ACO participation, is never far from our minds. Health care continues to be embattled, but I can’t also help but feel inspired—inspired that we really can do better for patients, and inspired by radiology’s bold moves toward doing so. As the specialty at the forefront of technology-enabled medicine, nobody knows better than radiology that change is healthy; no one understands more the way that adaptability can bring growth. Whether we will be bracing for a fresh influx of patients in 2014 remains unseen, but what is known is that we can answer the call when change is needed. We are headed toward a new future for health care, and radiology is proving the vitality of its role every day.