HIMSS: The People You Meet on Line at Meetings
Cheryl ProvalGetting out of the office these days is not easy. First, there is the thought of all of the work that will be waiting when you get back. Then there is all of the work waiting when you get back. Finally, there are all of the unread emails in your Inbox. Recently, while in Orlando attending the HIMSS annual meeting, I was reminded why it is important to get out of the office, go into the field, and drink deeply from the lake on the savannah where all of the other gazelles have gathered. I attended many excellent sessions covering issues of storage, data security, and meaningful use. I caught up with old friends on the exhibit floor and met some new ones. And darned if I didn’t meet the most interesting people while waiting on lines and for presentations to begin. Allow me to share an abbreviated list: On a particularly long line at a coffee shop in LAX, I struck up a conversation with a young mother on vacation with her family who is the daughter of a retired radiologist in New York City. I have already asked him to think about writing for Radiology Business Journal. On the way into the hotel, I met a working “hot-spotter,” medical director for a disease management company owned by a major insurer with an interest in radiology. (I actually met two of those while in Orlando.) I met the CTO for a subspecialty teleradiology service owned by an RBM. Waiting for the Hon Kathleen Sebelius to introduce David Blumenthal, MD, I struck up a conversation with the newly appointed CIO of CMS. You think you’ve got data? (Don’t worry Tony, I will not sell your email on eBay as promised.) As much work as it entails, next time you are considering getting out of the office, the hospital, or the imaging center, do it. {encode="cproval@imagingbiz.com" title="Cheryl Proval"}