Image Gently Founder Named RSNA 2012 Outstanding Educator
Marilyn J. Goske, M.D., of Cincinnati, will be honored at RSNA as Outstanding Educator for her work in radiologic education -- in particular, her Image Gently campaign, which promotes safe imaging for children. Goske is the Corning Benton Endowed Chair for Radiology Education and professor of radiology at the University of Cincinnati School of Medicine. She also works as a radiologist at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Goske served numerous positions in the Society for Pediatric Radiology, including president and chairman of the board, and became concerned about the lack of change in pediatric imaging procedure in light of the adverse side effects of radiation dose. To answer this, she started the Image Gently campaign, which has drawn the support of nearly 70 organizations and 800,000 members who have joined the Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging. Her honor was announced in the October-November issue of RNSA News magazine, with a full biography to follow in the December issue.