The Inaugural RLI: Let the Course Begin
What is leadership and how are leaders made? On Thursday, July 12, about 150 radiologists and a few practice non-physician leaders entered the Kellogg School of Management’s Allen Center on the beautiful Evanston campus of Northwestern University to discover the answers to those questions in the inaugural course offering of the Radiology Leadership Institute. Among them were many who already are effective leaders of practices and radiology departments as well as some residents who had been sponsored. falseBut the mission extends beyond radiology. Attendees carried with them the cares of the recently released 2013 MPFS proposed rule, by which CMS left no delusions that logic played a role in its proposal to extend the MPPR to the PC for subsequent procedures performed on the same patient in the same day by any physician in the same practice. Increasingly, leadership is seen as the antidote to a situation that has become chronic, threatening the vibrancy and future of a specialty widely acknowledged to have made medicine more patient centric (and less morbid). Ironically, few patients are aware of the role the radiologist plays in their care, and may even be more concerned with the threat medical imaging poses to their health. Over four days, the course will cover decision-making skills, reputation, leadership and organizational change, ethics, service, and dispute and conflict management. Let the course begin!

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