Migrations (not geese or data)
It is not unprecedented to see radiologists migrating to the vendor side. What is new is an emerging trend of prominent radiologists at the start of promising careers or at the height of distinguished ones taking the leap to the other side. Several months ago, Gregory Sorensen, MD, accepted the position of CEO of Siemens Medical, leaving his post as director of the Center for Biomarkers in Imaging at MGH. Also recently announced, Pat Basu, MD, a radiologist who spent the past year as a White House Fellow, accepted the position of chief medical officer of the publicly traded teleradiology company, vRad. Just last night I bumped into Andrew Litt, MD, who served as vice dean and chief of staff at NYU Langone Medical Center, and he told me he had accepted the position of chief medical officer for Dell. The question is this: Will some of the specialty's best intellectual capital be well spent? Some indication of the potential can be seen in the Microsoft booth, 1411, where radiologist Khan Siddiqui, MD, migrated several years ago and has been working on the radiology workspace within the company's Amalga product, an enterprise intelligence platform with a server-oriented architecture. Working with Siddiqui and the folks at Radimetrics (see the dose dash), Microsoft software engineers figured out a way to identify and tag images so that organs could be isolated and a fairly accurate cumulative organ dose could be derived for a patient. What would you like to see from these gentlemen next year? Leave your thoughts below and I will be sure they get to the right place.