Radiology Mobility: The Final Frontier?
A conversation with an exhibitor today got me thinking about mobility and the cloud. The clear winner for most-toted gadget at RSNA, this year as well as last, is the iPad; I happen to be toting one myself. iPad apps are a feature of most IT vendors' offerings now, offering cloud-based access to everything from reports to images and viewing tools. Mobility and the cloud go hand in hand, since mobile devices aren't famous for their storage capacity - what keeps them mobile, after all, is a slender profile. Now that the industry is finally becoming cloud-enabled, as my colleague Cheryl Proval observed earlier today, is mobility the final frontier? Here are my questions, as an avowed iPad addict but practiced trend skeptic. Are there real advantages for radiologists in clinical practice? Does offering referring physicians mobile access to reports and images really create a competitive advantage for the tech savvy practice? Or, as in the case of ED physicians, is providing mobile access becoming just another component of good service to referrers? If your practice has embraced radiology mobility, why? Are you seeing the outcomes you'd hoped for?