RadLex: coming into focus
I was delighted that Sandy Napel, PhD, gave a shout-out to RadLex in his talk "Beyond Visualization and Quantitation: Data Mining for Radiology Decision Support." RadLex, for those not in the know, is the RSNA's lexicon for universal indexing and retrieval of radiology report information. "Retrieval does work, but we still have work to do," Napel said. "Why bother? We hope to improve diagnostic accuracy. And databases are being created that connect images to gene expression, for instance, and we hope that that will lead to more personalized medicine for patients." According to Napel, RadLex will soon be considered the standard of information for radiologists, meaning the PACS of tomorrow will be able to provide real-time decision support and issue personalized recommendations for further tests like molecular imaging. Check out RadLex 2.1 here! http://beta.radlex.org/