Show Me the Money (Every Which Way)
Radiology practice executives are no longer satisfied with a data dump from their billing providers. They want data visualization, and, increasingly, the people running the nation’s practices and hospital radiology departments want flexibility. That’s the word from the exhibit floor at the RBMA Summit, which wrapped up in beautiful Colorado Springs earlier this week. Bill Gilbert, marketing VP, AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions, Warren, NJ, says that many of his clients are satisfied with the ability to go into the company’s web-based dashboard that updates daily, create a report once by customizing column heads, and then set an alert to automate a monthly report. However, there are those that want more, he says: “They want whatever they want, when they want it. They can’t describe what they want, but they need more flexibility.” Gilbert’s case managers are among those who want more flexibility to better respond to client questions (how many imaging studies are associated with a total knee replacement, how much did we get paid from each payor, and what is the trend over the year?) and commands (production is down, tell me when it’s happening). Integrated Medical Partners President and COO Bob Kebbekus acknowledges that everyone is grappling with the challenge of transforming all of the data they are generating into information, particularly as it relates to partnerships with their hospitals. “There’s so much more rich information that is not identified as a procedure or a condition,” he notes. Kebbekus identified sources outside the financial systems as key to being able to provide hospital partners with the performance and value-added information they need: Data from scheduling, RIS, PACS are imperative, and IMP’s Analytics & Decision Support service draws on all of these sources. Imagine Software, Charlotte, NC, provider of RIS and billing software, is extending flexibility to include anytime access with its recently released 11th version of EFX, a browser-based software service delivered from a cloud platform and accessible from multiple form factors, including Droid and iOS. Imagine, too, is expanding the universe of data sources for its business intelligence application to include RIS and EHR data. “It pushes data, you can drag and drop, and you can export in Excel, and email reports based on security level,” explains Kristen Greer, PR specialist. New with the latest release is a geographic information system component that includes US Census and Medicare data.