Speech mobility
Nuance will soon send its Power Scribe 360 Reporting Solution into the cloud, enabling health care providers to voice-enable their mobile EHRs in 20 different languages. There will be two components of the mobile platform, says Jonathan Dreyer, Nuance. One component is the health care development platform, which vendors and other developers can leverage to speech-enable their products, currently available. The other is a delivery mechanism for cloud-based services, beginning with speech. Voice profiles and templates will reside in the cloud, and all of the processing power required will be offset to the Nuance data center. Janet Dillione, Nuance executive VP and GM, Healthcare, acknowledges health care's security concerns with the cloud. "We built our cloud with the expectation and assumption that some of the clouds will be private clouds," she says. The company's relatively new 360 solution employs natural language processing that maps to SNOMED, CPT, LOINC, RxNORM, ICD-9 and soon ICD- 10, where its ability to prompt radiologists to dictate the requisite details required for coding the exponentially larger code set will be helpful, says Carina Edwards Dillione made it clear that Nuance is not going into the data warehouse business, but that further processing the narrative to add value to speech will be part of the evolution of the platform. "We put an enormous investment into releasing speech for the desktop," she says. "The next generation applies natural language processing to get meaning out of all of the information we are collecting."