Stand Up and Be Counted
Is bigger better? It certainly seems that way lately. When times were good, plenty of radiology practices nationwide found success on a boutique scale. These days, on the other hand, we have to do a lot more with a lot less—and that need is reflected in the growing consolidation of practices nationwide. In recognition of this trend, this year Radiology Business Journal, for the first time, is attempting to catalog what we’ve dubbed the Radiology 100: The Hundred Largest Private Practices in the Country. We’ve defined private practices as groups that are wholly owned by radiologists, with no outside investors, and will rank them according to the number of FTE radiologists employed. As the consolidation trend accelerates, we want to know how radiologist-owned groups are succeeding in an increasingly competitive marketplace. We want to look at the financial, operational and cultural aspects of a large-scale economic change in the way radiology is practiced nationwide, and we want to bring our readers information on the best practices employed by groups as they continue to grow and evolve. Our survey will be open through September 20th, and the more practices who participate, the more useful the data will be. We encourage you to stand up and be counted, and look forward to bringing you the results of the first annual Radiology 100. Go to the survey now.
Cat Vasko is the editor of, RadAnalytics, HealthIT, Medical Imaging Review. She launched the StatRead blog in 2008, and is the social-media expert. She holds a master’s degree in English from Boston University.