At the technology roundtable
Roundtable discussions at conferences are tricky. In order to work, they require timing, the right topic and an audience willing to speak up with information, not just soak it up.
Cindy Pittmon and Larry Johnson leading the technology roundtable.
Today's technology roundtable, "New Ways to Enhance Your Practice" was led by Cindy Pittmon of Specialty Group Services and Larry Johnson of Medical Billing & Management Services and was attended by a post-lunch crowd of about 40 people. That's a good number. But after lunch is usually a dreaded slot. It seemed at first that the group was too busy working off the tryptophan from their turkey sandwich lunches to contribute. Then the conversation moved to on-line scheduling and the roundtable was on its way. For the next 45 minutes, attendees traded valuable insight into on-line scheduling, automated appointment confirmation software, long-distance reads in rural areas with poor Internet connections, keystroke and mouse recording, offshore data entry solutions, automated patient satisfaction surveys, and more. Clearly, this roundtable had come around.