If risk-sharing contracts between healthcare providers and their suppliers pan out as the next big thing in the business of healthcare, Hitachi Medical Systems will have bragging rights as an early adopter.
Ten years ago, Brad Schmidt left a high-flying sales job with a major healthcare OEM to bring first-class imaging services to the underserved community of southwestern Los Angeles County.
With radiology continuing to refine its niche in a rapidly evolving healthcare environment, Sruti Nataraja, MPH, managing director at the Advisory Board Company, believes that one of the major themes coming out the past year is, “The consumer-driven health care market has arrived.”
With the possible exception of diffusion-tensor MRI for concussion in athletes, no clinical imaging procedure stands a chance of bumping information technology—with its attendant ripple effects on regulatory compliance and business performance—off radiology’s figurative front page in 2016.
Industry watchers seemed intrigued but not especially surprised when Konica Minolta Medical Imaging announced its acquisition of 100 plus-employee Viztek in early October. The response was understandable, as the fusing was equal parts bold and sensible.
Achieving unprecedented clinical and business efficiencies. Winning new business. Brandishing vanguard-level technology prowess while employing zero IT staff. Such are the returns mid-size radiology practices are realizing from their selection of the cloud-based, hardware-agnostic IRP/Plexus Imaging Workflow Management system.
The time has come for the profession of radiology to embrace a label it has been furiously trying to beat back for years: commoditization. The battle against those who wield it as a pejorative is not just futile, it’s also counterproductive.
The pace of consolidation in the medical imaging industry, which could be accurately described as feverish from 2010 to 2013, has cooled.
An article posted on the FoxBusiness website reports that for more than half of Americans, Obamacare isn't worth it., a personal finance site, found that more than 7 in 10 people surveyed say the Affordable Care Act has not been worth it.
August 10-13, 2014Washington, DC
June 7-11, 2014St. Louis, MO 
According to the Associated Press, radiologist, Dr. Ashokkumar Babaria of Moorestown, New Jersey, has been sentenced to nearly four years in prison for overseeing an illegal kickback scheme. 
If you think we are living in a world that runs on gasoline, or natural resources, you’re wrong. We run on information. Companies today collect all kinds of information, for B2B purposes, and more importantly, for consumer marketing purposes. Retailers know what we buy, what we like to eat, when we go out, and where are real-time, when we check in on facebook or foursquare. Now they want even more. In a Wall Street Journal Report on “Big Data”, experts took a look at what information companies don’t have, but would like to.  And healthcare providers weighed in on what they want—a real-time rundown on their patients’ vital statistics to get an early warning about potential health problems. 
According to a write up in the Wall Street Journal, IMS Health Holdings, Inc. is in the final stages of preparation before its initial public offering. 
Aug 20, 2015 | Business
Intense pressure to move from fee-for-service to value-based care and reimbursement driving commercial payer, hospital system and group practice consolidations are forcing independent radiology practices of all sizes to reassess, and where required, increase their relevance to the systems they serve in order to remain successfully independent.