3D Systems Acquires Two Companies for $135 Million
3D Systems, a leading provider of content-to-print solutions, announced that it had completed an acquisitions of VIDAR Corporation, a maker of medical grade film digitizers, and Z Corporation, makers of printers and scanner, for $135.5 million. A division within 3D that consolidates the company’s personal and professional 3D printer business will be led by former Z Corp CEO John Kawola, who was named 3D Systems’ vice-president and general-manager, according to a press release. “The transaction completes 3D Systems’ range of product capabilities, fills price gaps with complementary products and technology and doubles its reseller coverage globally,” states the release. With the recent acquisitions, 3D is said to have acquired full color and high speed printing technology and better coverage of the 3D market, reportedly being able to deliver $5-$10 million in revenue and “cost synergies” in 2012, according to the company press release.