6 Top Trends From RSNA 2013
The Radiological Society of North America's annual conference continues to be the place to take the pulse of the industry, and these were the top trends spotted by our reporting team: 1. Collaboration with other specialties. Multidisciplinary teams will be key to radiology's future noted many, including RSNA President Sarah Donaldson, MD, in her opening remarks. Read the story. 2. Social media is gaining ground. Radiology must start acknowledging the power of social media — as well as the risks of abstaining from it, advised Elliot Fishman, MD, of Johns Hopkins in an RSNA 2013 session. Read the story. 3. Consumer technology moving to health care. Anyone familiar with the guts of advanced visualization software knows that radiologists are using the very same technology that powers bestselling video games like Grand Theft Auto 5. Read the story. 4. Structured reporting becomes key. Call it structured, call it actionable, or call it both—whatever name you give it, it was undeniable that improving the radiology report was a significant trend at this year’s RSNA. Read the story. 5. Decision support indecision. Should we or shouldn’t we? Despite the fact that legislators have signaled their willingness to make clinical decision support (CDS) for high-tech imaging part of legislation to permanently fix the SGR, this continues to be the question for a great number of radiologists. Read the story. 6. Multi-enterprise imaging. This year’s RSNA left no room for doubt: If you’re just talking about image management within the radiology department, you might as well not be talking at all. Read the story.