ACR Radiology Leadership Institute Introduces RLI Expedition Program
The ACR’s Radiology Leadership Institute (RLI) has announced a leadership development program called the RLI Expedition. This three-day interactive course is meant to help radiology professionals refine their leadership skills during a challenging, real-time simulation while receiving focused feedback from trained coaches. The RLI Expedition is designed around four principles: reflection, theoretical knowledge, skills and experience. Sessions offer concepts in leadership thinking, small group work with peers and individual coaching. Key program components include pre- and post-program work; skill development; leadership perspectives; application and experience; and feedback and reflection. A fundamental part of the program is a simulation that subjects participants to high-pressure, complex interactions in which they must show leadership in the moment. The customized simulation replicates a “day in the life” of a radiology professional and presents participants, acting individually and in teams, with a series of interlinked leadership challenges. The overall scenario is fictitious, but the challenges are entirely realistic and specific to radiology. Now open for registration, the first RLI Expedition will take place Feb. 22-24, 2013, at the Magnolia Hotel in Dallas and is limited to 24 participants. Participants must be enrolled in RLI in order to register for the RLI Expedition. Click here for more details.