ACR Signs Near Majority of Congress to Repeal MPPR
The American College of Radiology has won over nearly a majority of Congressional Representatives for House Resolution 3269 that would repeal recent CMS cuts to multiple diagnostic imaging services. The bill targets those cuts that affect multiple procedures administered by the same physician to the same patient at the same session. So far, ACR lobbyists have signed 202 co-sponsors to the bill known as the Diagnostic Imaging Services Access Protection Act, according to a press release. During the recent conference committee debating a temporary fix the Sustainable Growth Rate formula along with a payroll tax extension and several other issues, the ACR tried to get the language from HR 3269 inserted. Unsuccessful in those efforts, the group is still pushing for passage of the bill, or they may find another piece of legislation to piggyback such as upcoming legislation later this year to once again address the SGR. “This multiple payment cut affects the most vulnerable of patients — those with severe trauma or with cancer and other serious illnesses which require multiple imaging procedures. Many members of Congress already understand the negative consequences of this policy and recognize that continued cuts in Medicare funding for medical imaging will limit access to life-saving imaging care overall,” said John A. Patti, MD, chairman of the American College of Radiology Board of Chancellors, based on the release. “The ACR calls on all members of Congress to support H.R. 3269 and work with ACR to arrive at evidence- and quality-based medical imaging policies.”