Aftermath of Sandy: Imaging Centers
Many imaging centers in the path of hurricane Sandy closed on Monday and Tuesday, and are continuing to contend with the lingering effects from power outages, flooding, and infrastructure damage. Datacenters in New York were flooded, affecting service to major websites like Gawker, in addition to local imaging providers. Outpatient imaging center Rosetta Radiology and NYU Langone's radiology department had their website go down during the storm. Both were back up by Friday morning, but the website of Manhattan Diagnostic Radiology remained down when this article was posted. Despite the devastation, many imaging centers and hospitals have reopened their doors—but with limited function. In New York, Lenox Hill Radiology warned patients to call in to confirm that staff is available for their appointments. Until public transit is fully restored, staffing will be an ongoing concern. In addition, millions in the region continue to be affected by power outages. Other imaging centers, like New York Medical Imaging, opted to remain closed until Thursday. Doshi Diagnostic has closed two of its offices, one in Upper West Side and the other in Hewlett, while the rest remain operational.