Alberta Mounts Large Scale Review of Radiology After Major Errors
The Alberta government in Canadian has called for a sweeping review of all diagnostic imaging and pathology tests in the province after multiple errors were found, which in several cases led to different diagnosis. A review was initially triggered after a patient’s treatment suddenly changed following an x-ray, according to an article in The Globe and Mail. Investigators looked at 249 test results at three separate hospitals by a single radiologist over the past two months and found “considerable concern” in 34 reports, the article states. Government officials are now looking at more than 1,000 reports by the doctor over the past six months with plans to expand the probe throughout the entire province. The move follows a series of medical test errors in recent years throughout Canada. In British Colombia, the government conducted a similar review in recent years after medical errors there surfaced. For a report by the B.C. Ministry of Health Services click here.