Better Together
curtis_kauffmanI’ve written often, in the past, about the characteristics of maturing markets—to illustrate the macroeconomic inevitability of the changes we are seeing in imaging. One of those characteristics is consolidation: As organizations that once found success as small and scrappy market players enter an era of needing to do more with less, they join with other, similarly positioned organizations, gaining economies of scale, as well as other advantages. The consolidation in the medical-imaging space has become an impossible-to-ignore trend, and our publications have covered it accordingly. Now, we are excited to announce that we, too, are consolidating. In January 2014, we will officially join forces in a merger with TriMed Media, publisher of Health Imaging, CMIO, and Molecular Imaging Insight, among other excellent publications. As both of our organizations separately analyzed the increasingly complex health-care landscape, it became clear that in order to meet the changing information needs of vendors, health-care executives, physicians, providers, and other leaders, we would both need to add more depth and breadth of services and support capabilities. Our two companies have been dominant in coverage of the medical-imaging space for years, with separate but complementary foci: We have concerned ourselves primarily with the business and regulatory environment, while Health Imaging and CMIO both have a strong clinical and IT focus. Our respective editorial staffs have developed unparalleled domain expertise, making them well matched as new colleagues. In joining together, we will be able to build a more significant media platform for our readers, creating a complete picture of our environment as it continues to evolve in new and exciting ways. We look forward to bringing you, our readers, an unmatched repository of distinct and relevant information on trends, issues, and technology in medical imaging. For TriMed and for imagingBiz, the content of our publications has been the focal point of our respective visions for the linking of disparate stakeholders within medical imaging. Vendors, physicians, executives, and allied professionals all have unique perspectives and contributions to make in what has become an incredibly dynamic and fast-moving marketplace. As both organizations share the same core values, it is our goal to achieve true thought leadership, now, by bringing insight, education, and timely information to you faster, better, and with more depth than we have been able to provide individually. Here’s to consolidation making everyone better! Curtis Kauffman-Pickelle is publisher of and Radiology Business Journal, and is a 30-year veteran of the medical-imaging industry. He welcomes your comments at