Carestream Health Receives FDA Clearance for New Mobile X-Ray System
Carestream received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for its DRX-Revolution Mobile X-Ray System, and is now available in the U.S., along with Europe and Canada. The DRX-Revolution enhances image quality for portable exams using a 32kW generator, DRX detector, and special software that enables the radiographer to easily align the tube with a grid. This new mobile DR system features a collapsible column that improves visibility and safety while moving the system. The DRX-Revolution also has a long tube head reach. According to Carestream, these features lead to rapid positioning; minimal intrusion on staff and surrounding equipment; and faster capture of high-quality X-ray images. The system's two monitors (the main 19-inch monitor and the 8-inch tube head monitor) provide two work zones. The DRX-Revolution offers a fast, single sign-in (via password or badge swipe) for easy start up, and uses the same software and graphic user interface as other Carestream DRX products for compatibility. View the press release for additional information.