Concord Medical Services, GE Healthcare To Form Strategic Partnership
Concord Medical Services, which operates a network of radiotherapy and diagnostic imaging centers in China, last week announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with GE Healthcare through GE subsidiaries, General Electric International Operations, and GE Medical Systems Trade and Development to form a preferred strategic partnership in China. Under terms of the agreement, Concord and GE will cooperate in academic and marketing programs as well as jointly organize seminars and conferences in China to create more opportunities for scientific exchanges. The two entities will also partner to enter and expand into rural and primary care markets in China through financial leasing or other mutually beneficial business strategies. Additionally, the new partnership includes a preferred supplier relationship wherein Concord Medical will have the option to purchase GE's health care products, including imaging equipment, monitoring devices, health care IT and clinical department packages, telemedicine, electronic medical records (EMRs), and hospital integration platforms. Concord operates a network of 121 centers with 68 hospital partners across China. To read the press release, click here: