Connecticut Radiologist Sanctioned by State Board in Patient Death
A Connecticut radiologist whose negligence led to the death of a 74-year-old patient was sanctioned by the state medical board this week. Dr. Michael Waldman, formerly of New Milford Hospital, received a one-year probation from the state medical board for his failure to meet the standard of care in the treatment of Tom D’Amato, late of New Milford, after he perforated D’Amato’s spleen during a radiology procedure. According to the News-Times of Danbury, CT, Waldman — whose employment was since terminated by the hospital — “‘recognized that he had perforated the spleen,’ but sent the patient home without telling him what happened and did not undertake proper monitoring of the patient.” Members of the board were divided on how severe Waldman’s sanctions should be, according to the News-Times. Some argued in favor of leniency, claiming that the entire patient monitoring system at the hospital failed the patient, and not just Waldman. Others felt Waldman should have been suspended and fined. D’Amato’s widow is planning to file a malpractice suit.