Erwin Cruz, Defrauded TX Doctor, Awarded $10.6M in Fraud Suit
After a two-week trial, a Dallas jury awarded Dr. Erwin Cruz nearly $11 million in damages, finding that his former business partners, Mehrdad "Mike" Ghani and Dr. Michael Taba, tried to undermine his stake in a pair of imaging practices: North Dallas Medical Imaging, L.P., and Plano AMI, L.P., according to a statement from Cruz's attorneys. Cruz was awarded $2.89 million in actual damages and $7.77 million in exemplary damages as a result of the jury finding that Ghani and Taba acted with malice, negligence, or fraudulence. "According to court testimony, Mr. Ghani and Dr. Taba conspired to take away Dr. Cruz's interests in Plano AMI," reads a press release on the case. "The jury also agreed that both Mr. Ghani and Dr. Taba violated their fiduciary duties by opening a competing imaging center without obtaining consent from Dr. Cruz or the other Plano AMI partners. Jurors also found that Mr. Ghani misled Dr. Cruz concerning the financial condition of the North Dallas business and violated his fiduciary duties by providing undisclosed compensation to himself, Dr. Taba, and Mr. Ghani's wife."