FDA Clears Prostate Imaging Tool
Today the FDA cleared an adjunctive imaging technology that will give urologists an extra tool in their arsenal for the detection of prostate abnormalities. ProUroCare Medical, the makers of the ProUroScan prostate mechanical imaging system, promise that their technology can deliver 2D and 3D real-time, color images via a patented pressure-based technology called tactile elasticity imaging, which the company claims is different from ultrasound. Although the technology is not yet "fully commercialized," ProUroCare foresees a significant market presence will open up, beginning with installations at research institutions. "The quality and resolution of the images are excellent, providing an immensely valuable supplement to the DRE, where physicians must rely on a gloved finger to feel for changes in the size and shape of the gland," said Dr. Robert Weiss, a Robert Wood Johnson Medical School faculty member who used ProUroScan during its clinical trials