Former Teleradiologist Stumps for Standardization of Radiology Practices
"Traditional radiology has had much to say about teleradiology...yet relatively little has been written about radiology and radiology practice from the perspective of teleradiology," says Vanderbilt University radiologist Richard G. Abramson in the journal Radiology this month. Abramson says his contribution, "Variability in Radiology Practice in the United States: A Former Teleradiologist’s Perspective," is intended to identify and report on the differences in telerad practices across the country, particularly on the counts of how to better improve and standardize practice policies. In a two-and-a-half-year career as a telerad, Abramson "held 30 state medical licenses, served more than 400 different hospital institutions, and rendered more than 50 000 preliminary interpretations for sites throughout the United States."