Former U of Iowa Radiologist Faces New Charges
Malik Juweid, M.D., has been in a prolonged dispute with his former employer, the University of Iowa, and now faces new charges after failing to complete a state-ordered mental and physical evaluation. According to a Dec. 20 statement from the Iowa Board of Medicine, Juweid, 52, did not complete a “comprehensive physical, neuropsychological, mental health, unprofessional conduct and/or disruptive behavior evaluation” within 90 days of Aug. 13 as the Board had ordered. The University of Iowa had fired Juweid back in August of 2012 because of his disruptive behavior in the workplace. According to University officials, while employed there he harassed his coworkers and created a hostile work environment. However, Juweid maintained that the firing was in retaliation for him speaking out about inappropriate use of imaging, especially on pediatric patients, and because of his Jordanian heritage. The Board had initially ordered Juweid to complete the evaluation in November 2011, but Juweid had moved out of the country and filed an objection indicating that since he was not in the United States, he would not be practicing medicine under his Iowa medical license, reported the Iowa City Press-Citizen. Juweid’s hearing before the Board is scheduled for March 20, 2014.