FUJIFILM Unveils Pediatric Wraps
imageFUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A. has announced the availability of pediatric wraps for its FCR Go 2 portable digital x-ray system. Intended to lessen anxiety among young patients undergoing x-ray exams, the wraps come in four different motifs—bear, baby bear, sea, and jungle. In addition to “child-friendly” graphics, the wraps feature premium vinyl construction and a clear laminate coating for resistance to peeling, cracking, and abrasion, according to the company. The products are also warranted against fading and discoloration and require no special cleaning. Ttheir appearance is not altered by the removal and replacement of panels when the system itself is being cleaned. The FCR Go 2 is an enhanced version of FUJIFILM’s FCAR Go 2 and offers a higher-output, 32kW generator; a large full-size display screen; a smaller, lighter chassis; and an upgraded drive and charging system.