GE Healthcare Gets FDA OK on New MR System
GE Healthcare has received FDA clearance of the Discovery* MR750w wide bore 3.0 Tesla MR system with GEM (Geometry Embracing Method) Suite of Coils. The new system aims to make scanning more comfortable for patients, especially those who are larger, claustrophobic, elderly, very young patients, or in pain. It also combines next-generation clinical applications and a full 50 x 50 x 50 cm field of view with excellent homogeneity and enables users to reduce exam time and scan large anatomies with fewer scans, compared to previous generation systems, GE stated in its press release. The system incorporates some of the most advanced technology GE has ever built into an MR said Jacques Coumans, General Manager, Premium MR, GE Healthcare. “Our goal has been to deliver a 3.0T system with a 70cm bore with no compromises,” he added. To learn more, visit the GE online newsroom and click on the press release.