GE Healthcare to Open New Facility in Saudi Arabia
GE Healthcare announced a memo-of-understanding this week with a Saudi Arabia firm to build a radiopharmaceutical plant and PET imaging facility in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The new facility will be located within the Abdul Aziz University Hospital campus on lands controlled by the Suadi Arabian firm Wadi Jeddah. Executives for both groups announced the deal at the Arab Health 2012 conference in Dubai, according to a press release. GE will provide site planning expertise, supply equipment, provide certification support and deliver clinical education, based on the release. Wadi Jeddah will also purchase a new GE PET/CT scanner. “GE Healthcare has a long history of partnerships in Saudi Arabia, and the MoU with Wadi Jeddah, which is focused on value-added investments, will further enable the Kingdom to address the growing requirements for diagnostic services,” says David Carr, molecular imaging general manager of GE Healthcare, based on the release.