GE Surface Coils Get Thumbs-Up From FDA
imageGE Healthcare yesterday announced that it has obtained clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its Geometry Embracing Method (GEM) Suite of surface coils. Designed for use with the company’s Optima™ MR450w 1.5T wide bore MRI system, GEM Suite is said to help technologists reposition patients less often and cover more anatomy; provide radiologists with more clinical options; and yield administrators more efficiency through higher throughput and system utilization. The GEM Suite comprises a set of receive-only radio frequency surface coils, including the Express Table and GEM Posterior Array, the GEM Head & Neck Unit, the GEM Anterior Array, the GEM Peripheral Vascular/Lower Extremity Array, and GEM Flex Coils. Covering 98% of all exam types, the coils can be used individually or combined to provide head-to-toe patient coverage. The GEM suite enables automatic selection of the configuration that best fits the selected region of interest. It includes a total scanning range of 205cm, allows feet-first scanning in all supported exams, and offers design features that accommodate patients of a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Designing coils using thinner, lightweight, flexible material that can be employed with a range of body types permits easier positioning for more patients with less pressure, according to the company. In other GE Healthcare news, the company has entered a partnership with TomTec Imaging Systems for the development of advanced, integrated software tools for reviewing echocardiography and vascular images. The combined products, which are not yet available for sale in the U.S., are intended to enhance the speed and accuracy of diagnosis, with remote access to images.