Global Medical Ultrasound Market to Reach $6.9 Billion by 2017
The global market for medical ultrasound equipment is projected to reach $6.9 billion by 2017, reveals a report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., San Jose, California. Several factors will drive the market, the report says, including applications in such new segments as administration of emergency medicine and introduction of portable, hand-held ultrasound devices. Moreover, while demand for ultrasound equipment from developed regions is primarily expected to emanate from the need for replacement, nstrong economic growth and increasing health care spending in developing markets are expected to spark louder cries for new equipment, the company’s research indicates. In other findings, innovations in the ultrasound market have continued ceaselessly despite the global recession, led by increased demand for advanced, high-end ultrasound equipment from health care facilities seeking to deliver improved patient care. Compact ultrasound machines and hand-held systems are generating rapidly increasing sales, creating a wider consumer base for low-end equipment. In addition, refurbishers are experiencing increased demand from general practices, pain management offices, and sports rehabilitation units, apart from hospitals. To read the press release, click here: For more information on the study, click here: