Hitachi , Government of Saskatchewan Sign Development Agreement
Hitachi has finalized an agreement with the government of Saskatchewan, Canada for the research and development of nuclear medicine technology, as well as a deal with Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy, GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy Americas, and Global Nuclear Fuel -- Americas to explore the potential collaboration on future nuclear research and design projects, among them nuclear safety, uranium recovery, and the design of small modular reactor technologies. Under terms of the two agreements, the government of Saskatchewan and four other entities will fund $10 million Canadian ($10.2 million U.S.) to facilitate and support research collaborations in nuclear medicine, materials science, nuclear safety, and small reactor design. The Saskatchewan government earlier this year spent $30 million ($30.6 million U.S.) to establish a new center for research in nuclear medicine and materials science and $17 million ($17.3 million U.S.) to create a Centre for Innovation in Cyclotron Science. Additional investments encompassed $12 million ($12.2 million U.S.) for the support of innovative research in the production of medical isotopes and $10.1 million ($10.3 million U.S.) for the development of Saskatchewan's first proton beam therapy/PET facility for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and heart disease at the University of Saskatchewan.