Imaging-Guided Software Could Unlock Disease States at a Cellular Level
A new histopathology software model could allow physicians to examine and reconstruct 3D images of disease-state tissue at a cellular level, thanks to the work of researchers a the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. According to an article in the upcoming May issue of The American Journal of Pathology, the new software models will allow for greater, more detailed investigation of the workings of disease states without “the time and difficulty associated with acquiring large numbers of images with a microscope.” “Our system…can be used by technical or medical staff in a histopathology laboratory without input from computing specialists,” said lead researcher Derek Magee in a statement. Magee, et al. believe that volume renderings of their work could be used to study in three dimensions the responses of organic tissue to medicine and preventive treatments in a variety of settings, including “tumor biology, embryology, and cardiovascular disease.” “This system provides the opportunity for increasing use of 3D histopathology as a routine research tool,” Magee said.