Michigan Proposes Regulating Imaging Equipment and Techs
A bill introduced in the Michigan state legislature would grant it new powers in overseeing the use of radiology equipment within its borders. Michigan House Bill 4869 would amend the state’s public health code to require the registration of radiation machines used in medical imaging and the creation of state rules for their safe operation, including training requirements for technologists who operate the machines. The bill also proposes specific registration fees and fees for violations of the law. To address how these fees would be managed, the bill also proposes the creation of radiation control fund by the state treasurer and puts the department of health in charge of facility inspections and fee collections. The Michigan Society of Radiologic Technologists are lobbying for the bill and held a “Walk on Lansing” event on April 17 to bring their concerns to legislators and their staffs in the state capitol. The lack of state requirements for radiologic technologists could put patients at risk, they say. HB 4869 was introduced by state representatives Ben Glardon, Harvey Santana, Hugh Crawford, Tom Hooker, Gail Haines, Sam Singh, George Darany, Dale Zorn, Joseph Graves, Frank Foster and Terry Brown. It has been referred to the Committee on Health Policy. The national radiologic technologist group the American Society of Radiologic Technologists maintains a list of individual state licensure information online. Click here to check the status of various states.