MRI Atlas of the Brain? Yeah, There's an App for That
Medical publisher Elsevier is getting into the iPad game with a new application it says is the first of its kind to bridge the neuroscience digital learning worlds. NeuroApps: MRI Atlas of Human White Matter is an interactive teaching tool that will help “a new generation of neuroscience researchers, clinicians, and students…find, visualize, and learn to identify the major pathways through the brain and their proximity to key neuroanatomical structures,” the publisher claims in a press release. The app is an interactive version of the textbook MRI Atlas of White Matter by Kenichi Oishi, Andreia V. Faria, Peter C M van Zijl and Susumu Mori. Unlike a printed book, however, the app allows the user to scroll through the brain images in sequence to follow a tract from beginning to end. In addition, the pictures have been digitally enhanced from the book version, and viewers can zoom in to study more closely specific portions of the image. For a glimpse at how imaging textbooks of the future may look, check out Elsevier’s video.