New Horizons
There is a theme one finds in the writings and musings of the best business leaders that remains consistent no matter what industry, profession, or type of organization. True success, level 5 leaders will tell you, is dependent on the leader’s ability to attract superior talent and exceptional people with which to build and sustain the enterprise. That is to say, that when one surrounds oneself with people who are smarter and more talented than he or she, the organization thrives. This is especially true when the leader empowers these talented team members, then nurtures and challenges them to achieve great accomplishments. Such is the case not only with large organizations, but is also true with small niche companies dependent on creativity and innovation to visualize and achieve success. There is no better example of this truism than right here at the Imaging Center Institute. We are entering our third year of operation and we do so with the guidance and direction of the talent and skill of a couple of remarkable executives that I would like to bring to your attention. Each of them has worked with me over the years in other organizations, and I am pleased that they will both now join me in this unique and growing enterprise. As of January, Cheryl Proval will manage the information side of the institute as vice president for information services. Cheryl is an accomplished editor and writer and was for many years the editor of Imaging Economics, a journal that I founded in 1988. Cheryl and I have worked together for over 10 years building the journal into a credible and thoughtful publication. She joins me now at this company to build and our other information services into what we view as the next generation of imaging business media. Look for her monthly column starting in January and for her most professional and thoughtful imprint on everything that is published from the institute. You will most certainly recognize her wit and wisdom from these many years of writing about the economics and business issues facing radiology today. Rounding out the team for 2008 will be Steve Smith, who will assume his role as vice president for client services. Steve was most recently the VP of marketing for Practice Builders and worked with me for several years there helping practices protect and grow their businesses through a combination of strategic and tactical initiatives, including sales development, customer service training, marketing programs, and web strategies. Steve will likewise author a monthly column in this E-zine focusing on the discipline of marketing and business development. With the addition of these executives, we have some new initiatives and programs that will be launching in January, and I am excited that the institute is fulfilling its mission of providing top-level information to our profession’s leaders in several different forms and media. We have evolved into a new organizational model encompassing consulting services, information services, conferences, news, and research. Our vision can now be brought more readily into focus through the addition of these two seasoned professionals who will innovate, create, guide, and lead all of us through the maze that lies ahead in this fascinating profession we call medical imaging. As the institute enters this next phase of growth, it is my intent to lead the debate on how best to position medical imaging as the definitive health care modality in whatever venue, with every payer group, with the legislative and regulatory decision makers, and wherever I have the opportunity to influence those in positions of authority. I now have some smart and talented people joining me in this mission.