New York Radiologist Recognized by American Cancer Society as Mother of the Year
Emily Sonnenblick, MD, a co-founder of New York City's Rosetta Radiology, is among three women honored this week as "Mother of the Year" by the American Cancer Society. She was recognized for her work in women's imaging at Rosetta Radiology and her dedication to family values and community outreach, according to a press release from Rosetta Radiology. Dr. Sonnenblick is a member of RSNA, the New York Metropolitan Breast Society, the Ultrasound Society, the ACR and the New York County Medical Society. Her practice on the Upper East Side in New York City was founded in the 1960s, and was one of New York's first independent outpatient radiology facilities. In her acceptance speech, she alluded to the support the American Cancer Society has provided to her field at a time when cancer screening guidelines have been passionately debated. “The American Cancer Society is a powerful advocate for sound screening guidelines for cancers," she said. "It plays a role as a beacon and has not given in to revisionist and misinformed attitudes towards screening.”