Pioneering Medical Imaging Researcher Charles Metz Passes
Charles Metz, mathematician and professor of radiology at the University of Chicago, died of pancreatic cancer at age 69 on Wednesday, July 4. Metz was a mathematician in the field of medical imaging and helped to improve the accuracy of diagnostic tests such as mammograms and digital chest X-rays. His extensive work with receiver operating characteristics (ROC) led to the development of the “Metz filter,” which enhanced image resolution and removed image noise. ROC analysis is still used by the Food and Drug Administration to assess whether a new diagnostic imaging technique can be used in clinical settings. His most recent work focused on evaluation of computer-aided detection in mammography, chest X-rays and CT scans. He holds four U.S. patents for image-analysis tools. Mr. Metz is survived by daughter Molly Metz and three grandchildren. Read his obituary in the Chicago Tribune.