Radiologist's Stalker Collared on Misdemeanor Charges
A former hospital employee who violated a restraining order placed against her by a St. Paul, MN radiologist is now facing misdemeanor charges in county court, according to the Pioneer Press. According to the complaint, Joseph Tashjian, a 60-year-old radiologist at St. Paul Radiology, alleged that Saida Hasanova, 35, of Bloomington, MN “showed up at [his] home late at night and demanded to see him; loitered in the waiting room at St. Paul Radiology, often with unsolicited gifts; gained unauthorized entrance to the physician’s lounge at Regions Hospital, told Tashjian she has ‘special feelings’ for him, and gave Tashjian a list of her expenses in a Feb. 22, 2011, email and demanded that he pay them.” Hasanova must appear in court May 29 to answer the summons.