Radisphere Launches the Radiology Quality Institute
Radisphere has launched the Radiology Quality Institute (RQI), a collaborative research organization dedicated to the identification and promotion of radiology quality standards in order to improve health care delivery. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Radisphere is the largest and fastest-growing national radiology group in the United States, providing services to 35 hospitals in 11 states. With access to Radisphere’s extensive data and analytics obtained from working with more than 10,000 clinicians, the RQI is focused on researching new technology and workflow innovations to improve radiology processes in areas that include interpretative accuracy, appropriate utilization, peer review, concurrence review, critical findings communication, consultations, turnaround time, and interventional radiology. “To date, there is no universally accepted set of standards that hospitals or health systems can use to accurately measure diagnostic radiology performance (outside of mammography), which makes it difficult to identify the performance of radiology services,” said Frank Seidelmann, D.O., Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Radisphere, in a press release. “By sharing performance benchmark data, the RQI will provide a collaborative, educational resource for organizations seeking to improve the delivery of radiology services.”