RBMA DRA Mini-Survey: Most Practices Expect to Cut Radiologist Pay
A significant percentage of practice managers responding to a survey from the Radiology Business Management Association said radiologists would take a pay cut in 2007 if the DRA is not rolled back. The survey, DRA: How Is it Impacting Your Practice, conducted by LarsonAllen, Minneapolis, Minn, received 83 responses, 83.1% of which reported billing both technical and professional components. Nearly 90% (62) of those respondents that bill the technical or global component (69) said they expect to experience reductions in the technical or global component due to the HOPPS cap from payers other than Medicare. But at the time the survey was taken, respondents were predominantly uncertain of payer intentions when presented with a list of 12 payers. Of all payers, United Healthcare appeared to have moved most aggressively to implement reductions, with 24.6% reporting that United had implemented the cuts and another 16.9% saying it will implement cuts in their respective area.