SIIM News: New Support Packages for Sony Monitors
Sony Electronics’ Medical Systems Division is expanding its “Hot Swap Service Program” with two new support offerings in case of product malfunctions. Like most manufacturers, Sony offers a limited warranty on all its products. In Sony’s case, the warranty lasts 5 years. However, when a monitor has to be taken out of service for repairs, getting a replacement monitor in place ASAP is critical for operations. Therefore, the two new service offerings expand the regular warranty coverage with Sony’s Advanced Exchange Program — where the company promises to provide for a replacement monitor within 24-hours at no cost— and its OTS (On-Time Support) Advanced Loaner Program — where the company promises to provide telephone technical support and the exchange on a temporary loan basis of a new or refurbished unit with comparable functionality to that of the malfunctioning equipment until such time as Sony returns the original unit to the customer.