SNM Reports Name Change, Image of the Year, Dose Optimization Initiative
The Society of Nuclear Medicine made three significant announcements today, including finalizing a proposal begun in January 2012 that would change its name to the more inclusive “Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging.” Reflecting its increased use of tracer-principle medicine, the name change “retains our rich history and identity while recognizing the growing diversity in our field,” said immediate past president George Segall in a statement. The organization also issued a position statement on nuclear medicine and molecular imaging dose optimization. The announcement came as part of a new initiative to ensure that patients receive “the minimum radiation dose necessary to provide useful diagnostic information,” said SNM president Frederic H. Fahey in a statement accompanying the announcement. A public information campaign will include an educational website and promotional and educational materials on dose optimization. Its catchphrase boils down to “right test, right dose, right patient, right time.” Finally, the group unveiled its 2012 Image of the Year, a molecular scan that showed the effectiveness of Bi-213-DOTATOC, an alpha particle used in the detection and diagnosis of resistant neuroendocrine tumors.