Toshiba Launches MR System Upgrade Program
imageToshiba America Medical Systems, Inc. has introduced an upgrade program for its Vantage™ 1.5T MR systems. Promoted as a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a new system, the renew ™ program offers Toshiba Vantage users a number of options throughout the entire Vantage suite, including upgrade paths to a Vantage Atlas® or a Vantage Titan™. Customers upgrading their Toshiba MR equipment are offered a 12-month system warranty, which includes their existing magnet. Once the warranty has expired, they may sign a full service agreement with Toshiba to cover the MR system. The program also provides applications support and includes two weeks of initial training and one week of follow-up training to update technicians on how to operate the new upgraded equipment and take advantage of the enhanced features. Radiology providers upgrading from the Vantage to the Vantage Atlas have access to advanced Atlas integrated coil technology and an extended field of view of 55 x 55 x 50 centimeters. The Atlas integrated coil system, which eliminates the need to reposition patients during exams by integrating the coils into the table, is said to help streamline procedures and improve workflow, resulting in faster, more comfortable exams. For customers upgrading from a Vantage or a Vantage Atlas to the Vantage Titan, the system’s large open bore and 71-cm opening also reportedly create a more comfortable exam, which can help reduce claustrophobia in some patients. The Titan’s large diameter can also accommodate some bariatric patients. Powerful gradients handle demanding imaging sequences, and homogeneity supports high image quality, according to the company.