U of Iowa Radiologist Malik Juweid Threatens Witnesses in Skype Testimony
Malik Juweid, the University of Iowa radiologist who has claimed ethnic bias in the dismissal charges he faces from the university, did little to disavow onlookers of his incendiary temper at a Friday disciplinary hearing. According to the Indianapolis Star, Juweid was aggressive in his cross-examination of his former colleagues, interrupting one to call her “a big liar” before the panel stopped the rebuttal. Threat assessment experts testified that staffers described Juweid as “unpredictable, very emotional,” and “angry.” Testifying via Skype from his home in Amman, Jordan, Juweid, who has been on paid suspension for months for “disruptive behavior,” said he expects to be fired. According to the Star, "Juweid suggested that [Associate Dean of the Carver College of Medicine, Dr. Lois] Geist threatened him with rape during a closed door meeting and said he now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and nightmares of being sodomized by Geist and others.” Unless Juweid’s appeal is upheld by the Iowa Board of Regents, university president Sally Mason will have the final say in his employment in the university health system.