UI Radiology Prof Drops Suit, Lawyer, Prepares for Disciplinary Hearing
The tumultuous, two-year case of suspended University of Iowa radiology professor Malik Juweid, 50, appears to be drawing to its conclusion, as Juweid has abandoned both his legal counsel and his suit. According to the Associated Press, last week, Juweid's attorney Rockne Cole told Judge Patrick Grady the two "can no longer maintain common ground on litigation strategy," and Grady, in turn, approved the motion to withdraw. Thursday, the University scheduled a June hearing for Juweid to address his disciplinary issues that could result in his eventual termination. Pending the results of that hearing, Juweid has been barred from the University and from seeing patients at its facilities. The incident began in December 2010, when he complained to the Iowa Civil Rights Commission (CRC) that his supervisor, UI radiology Professor Laurie Fajardo, made discriminatory remarks about him. Earlier that summer, Juweid had approached Fajardo for a raise. A month later, UI placed Juweid on paid administrative leave, alleging that he continued to enflame the issue with repeated, “unprofessional” e-mails to his colleagues. In May 2011, Juweid sued the university and several of its officials as well as the state Board of Regents, alleging that the leave amounted to retaliatory treatment for his initial complaint. By December 2011, UI had moved Juweid to unpaid medical leave pending the results of his complaint with the CRC.