vRad, Diagnostic Imaging Form Partnership
In another move to more firmly establish a foothold in the Northeast, Eden Prairie, Minnesota-based Virtual Radiologic (vRad), the largest teleradiology group in the U.S., has forged a partnership with Diagnostic Imaging Inc., a private radiology practice headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. vRad, which made the announcement yesterday, says Diagnostic Imaging will retain its name and physician leadership, but will still be incorporated into the vRad Radiology Alliance. The latter is a nationwide network of 400 radiologists. Philadelphia’s largest radiology practice, Diagnostic Imaging employs 60 radiologists and serves 16 hospitals and imaging centers in the Philadelphia metropolitan area and New Jersey. vRad has grown significantly within the past year. In December of 2010, it completed a merger with former competitor NighHawk Radiology, while in March of 2011, it formed a partnership with Lakeland Radiologists, a 15-radiologist practice in central Illinois, to create an entity known as Lakeland Radiology Alliance. New York Radiology Alliance, a 60-radiologist practice that serves 12 hospitals and 30 imaging centers in the New York City, New York area, is the result of an August, 2010 partnership initiative between vRad and S&D Medical of New York City. To read the press release, click here: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/vrad-acquires-diagnostic-imaging-inc-and-merges-on-site-radiology-practice-into-growing-national-network-2011-09-07