Zotec rolls out software tool to evaluate, boost rad productivity

The medical-billing firm Zotec Partners has come out with a software feature that enables leaders of radiology practices to identify inefficiencies in need of fixing.  

The company’s new “practice production module” analyzes time, source, urgency and other factors affecting practice performance, according to a product announcement. The resulting insights can facilitate benchmarking and enable “robust workflow management across multiple radiology practice locations,” Zotec said.  

The new module, which the company demonstrated at RSNA last fall, is designed to help practices answer the American healthcare system’s call for greater transparency.

Jeff Maze, the company’s director of business intelligence, said Zotec’s client practices will use the module to gauge work RVUs and share metrics among and between staff physicians.

Zotec founder and CEO T. Scott Law added that the tool gives radiologists “the ability to better quantify physician productivity for strategic decision-making that will ultimately improve their business.”

Indy-based Zotec Partners counts among its customers more than 8,000 physicians in all 50 states.